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The Bay House – Bunk Rooms That We Would Actually LOVE To Sleep In (Design Ideas For Days)

Now that you’ve been through the main parts of this incredibly special home designed and built by Emily’s design architects, Anne and Richard De Wolf of ARCIFORM, (the kitchen/dining/living room and the main suite) it’s time to see where the guests sleep! Yes, as you can see they are the most beautiful bunk beds maybe ever. But guess what? This is only one of two rooms (plus a bonus bed area and a sweet vintage-inspired bathroom!)

Quilts (vintage) | Striped Flannel Sheets | Quilted Shams (in Warm Brown and White) | Faux Leather Lumbar Pillow | Ball Pillow (similar)

Yes, I too would love nothing more at this moment, in the 90-degree heat, to be cozy on the Washington coast in this bunk room, enjoying this unreal home. The contrast of the black walls and medium warm raw wood as well as the texture (the smooth painted sheen on the walls and the textured ceiling and frame) creates unbelievably good tension. It just gives it so much depth and interest don’t you think??

It also has to be said that Emily Henderson and Emily Bowser did an incredible job styling this room. Those vintage quilts are so good and perfectly handmade. Then paired with the striped, lighter-toned sheets gives an added pattern without fighting the quilt pattern (different scales). I also love that they chose quilted shams to mimic but not copy the quilts. Then for the throw pillows you simply can’t lose with that Target faux leather lumbar! It adds the perfect amount of depth and warmth. But we’re nothing if not whimsical so a ball pillow is a must.

Last thing! Did you notice how they used a mustard-colored sham on the top and a light neutral one on the bottom?? It’s fun, gives each bed its own identity (a must! ha), and there’s no need for any throw pillows on the top bunk since that’s where the deeper color is. It’s decor math.

But one crucial element that was put throughout the house were stained glass windows and doors (as you read about last week). If this home doesn’t make you RUN to your nearest architectural salvage yard or quickly hop on Craigslist or Etsy to grab some vintage stained glass pieces for your home I’m not sure what will. What sweetness and soul they bring. For whatever reason they just make a home so special and really homey. Plus they are just COOL.

Of course, this home was custom built so it’s likely a little easier to add them in when you are starting from scratch or remodeling. But anything is possible if you want it enough (or have enough funds if we’re being honest).

Table Lamp (vintage)

Look at the little built-in side table with the sweetest and most perfect vintage lamp. See how those simple pillows really make the look complete?

Art (vintage) | Pendant (vintage) | Sheepskin Pelt (similar)

Here is our last angle of this room before moving on to the next! The styling is so simple and sweet. With architectural interest like this, you don’t need much. But a plant is almost always a necessity in any room and this hanging guy adds that final touch to make the space come alive (that vintage pendant isn’t doing a bad job at that either:))

And because the walls are a statement in and of themselves, they didn’t need to add much art! Just enough to add some more color and movement. Oh, and a sheepskin pelt is always a good idea for maximum coziness.


Another bunk room because can you ever have enough in a vacation home? Maximum beds are key! If I can avoid an air mattress I am a grateful gal. My back hates them. But back to bunk room #2. I love that they didn’t do the same colors on the walls but still did a deeper tone than the ceiling! This is a great idea if you love wood to look like wood but want contrast.

Green Comforter and Sham | Lumbar Pillows (similar) | Throw Blankets (similar)

They also did a similar but different bunk frame arch. I really love when rooms in a house have their own look and yet clearly all belong in the same home.

Anne also chose another wonderful stained glass pair and since there aren’t any side tables they included industrial hardwired sconces. The way that the Emilys styled this bedding was also similar but different. Same base (Green Comforter and Sham) on both but different throws and lumbar pillows. A little more user-friendly method if you want a no-fail formula. It’s all the same except the add-ons which you can just choose slightly different versions of!

Now this little “room” made my heart jump out of my chest. The bedding looks nearly identical (okay this one is cuter) to my bed in the loft area of the vacation/company home my family had. It had my great-grandmother’s handmade quilt that looked almost exactly like that with handmade pillows my mom and I sewed together with vintage fabric we picked out. My mom was such a talented seamstress and I, well, I tried and regrettably lost interest. If I didn’t want to not ruin this beautiful post I would show you a picture.

But back to this nook. Those likely vintage brass light fixtures are SO perfect I almost can’t stand it. I love that they chose two different styles in the same finish. Another easy way to make a room feel more eclectic while still super cohesive. Then take a look at those extra large dried flowers. The scale of them makes them look so cool. That sweet pup is also really selling this space:)

Tile (similar)

We are now at the grand finale of the loft area with this very special bathroom. If you’ve been contemplating a bold patterned floor-to-wall tile, take this as your sign to do it! It looks so great. Who wouldn’t want to shower in here?? Or brush your teeth in the coolest green vintage vanity?? If you read my bathroom post last week you know I’m potentially looking for new vintage vanity legs…and these are very inspiring. Let’s use more vintage vanities in bathrooms (at least in guest or power bathrooms which don’t always need as much storage). Ah and look at that cute trash bin!

Look at the vintage details of the shower base! Both the vanity and this base help to soften the geometric lines of the tile in a really fun way. Then did you notice that one of the shower walls is a different tile? I mean why not?! It looks great and simply added another visual texture but in a light neutral so it’s not overpowering. Plus it’s the same tile that’s in the main suite. Big fan over here if you can’t tell.

So do you have a favorite space or design element yet? We still have one more very special room to show you later this week that we know you a going to love. It’s been so fun getting to show off Anne and Richard’s work! Until next time…

Love you, mean it.

*Design by Anne De Wolf of ARCIFORM and Versatile Wood Products
**Chief Lumberjack: Richard De Wolf of ARCIFORM and Versatile Wood Products
***Styled by Emily Henderson and Emily Bowser
****Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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2 days ago

Just a comment about your use of the term “design architects”. Only those of us who have an Architect’s license can be referred to as “architects”. It is a protected and professional title that requires years of education, internship and many exams. After a quick search on the Arciform website, it doesn’t appear that anyone there is a licensed Architect. They could appropriately just be called “designers”. But again, if no one in the company holds a license, they cannot be called or referred to as Architects. Thank you from someone who has been through the schooling, internships and exams 🙂

Ashley Larkin
2 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous. I have so loved the opportunity to “explore” this home. Isn’t it on the Washington coast?

2 days ago
Reply to  Ashley Larkin

Yes, on Willipa Bay

Molly Phillips
2 days ago

Am literally exclaiming out loud to an empty room (well, my dogs are here) at this eye candy. Richard and Anne, I would like to be your friend. This entire home is exquisite. The bathrooms! The stained glass! The architectural details! The wood! Ah, I just love it all. Thank you so much for sharing.

🥰 Rusty
2 days ago

This is my dreamlike abode!
Truly – I don’t dislike anything so far.
Clearly, money matters; but the inspiration is overwhelmingly gobsmacking!

Cris S.
2 days ago

Can you talk about the movable stairs in the first bunk room? Do they lock in place – is it a safety thing? And how do people get up to the lofted bed in the second bunk room? Thank you!

1 day ago

What a beautiful project! Did Arciform say why they didn’t use carpets on the ground floor? Not even for the sofa corner, just out of curiosity. These little bedrooms are really wonderful! The styling is so fitting and reflects country living and a classic cosiness. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pieces yet. The kitchen in more detail? A shed?

1 day ago

I love vintage stained glass (probably because I grew up in England, where it’s very common to see homes with stained glass). This is my way of incorporating them into my home, without the expense/commitment of having them professionally installed. I live on a 3 acre treed lot, so privacy isn’t an issue.

1 day ago
Reply to  Diane

Love this, Diane!

1 day ago
Reply to  Diane


I have been fortunate enough to stay in some B&B’s in England,Scotland and Wales and your room immediately brought back some great memories from over 25 years ago.
Love what you did with the stained glass.

1 day ago

This is stunning – that green sink! The tile! The quilts!

But no one who has ever actually made a bunk bed would recommend choosing one for regular use. They look amazing in staged photos but the agony of tucking bedding into a top bunk whilst middle-aged is not to be underestimated.

(I said what I said.)

1 day ago
Reply to  Sarah

i have a bed nook which is just a single and that is ridiculously annoying to make. I dont even bother tucking in the comforter. I just fold it on the side close to the wall.

1 day ago

So inspiring! The details, pieces and styling are beautiful. I would love to know which plumbing manufacturer offers a shower base with a sculpted edge like that. It’s a nice detail!

1 day ago

Love, love, love that vintage sink and the little room. Regarding the bunk beds, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requires guardrails for any bed whose underside is 30″ or more off the floor. Are they just not shown in the photos?

1 day ago

I love this whole vibe – charming and cozy!

1 day ago

Love this whole look but am wondering what the purpose is of a towel rack inside the shower? Or is that a grab bar? The shower has a raised threshold no not for ADA purposes. Just curious

1 day ago
Reply to  Diane

Looks like a grab bar to me. I read somewhere that Richard’s mom stays there frequently? Though bunk beds aren’t the most accessible…

1 day ago
Reply to  Diane

I think it is a great idea to hang dry the bath mat afterwards, like in the photo. I dont think this is a towel in the photo.

1 day ago


1 day ago

Stellar bathroom!

1 day ago

I love the way the black walls and warm wood contrast in this bunk room, creating a cozy and inviting space. The vintage quilts and striped sheets are a perfect match, and the throw pillows add a touch of whimsy. The mustard-colored sham on the top bunk and light neutral sham on the bottom bunk are a clever way to give each bed its own identity. Overall, this room is well-designed and stylish, and it would be a great place to relax and unwind.

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