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Keyanna Bowen

EHD Mentee & Design Contributor

Keyanna Bowen

Growing up half her life in Buffalo, New York, and the other half on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Keyanna is a self-proclaimed “city girl” having a temporary love affair with small-town living. Desperate for a creative lifestyle in a land flourishing with cornfields and cows, she has dabbled in pretty much every home & design related career known to man– from interior photography and design, to real estate and construction project management, and she even recently graduated from carpentry training school. Adhering to the motto “Bloom Where You Are Planted” Keyanna continues to serial-preneu her way through life on a mission to prove you can curate a life and a home you love no matter where you live.

What Makes Me Tick

  • Sign/Enneagram/Myer-Briggs/Hogwarts House:

    Cancer / 3 (The Achiever) / ISFP / ?

  • Design Aesthetic in 5 words:

    Laid-back, organic, modern + vintage, cozy

  • Favorite EHD Room Of All Time:

  • Favorite Instagram Follow:

    @colinking (his styling is always perfection)

  • Title of Memoir:

    I Think I Can Make That! And Other Pinterest Lies I Tell Myself…”

  • Silliest Secret Single Behavior:

    Randomly bursting out in a Disney or Broadway song (even though I can’t sing).

  • Most Likely To…


  • Favorite Place To Shop For Home Decor:

    One Kings Lane, Jayson Home, Etsy, antique shops, local boutiques

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Fashion:

    J.Crew, Madewell, Zara

  • Dining Room Rug:


  • Reversing Book Spines:

    I’ve done it, but not proud of it.

  • Wallpaper or Paint?


  • Maximalism:

    Only when it comes to love, happiness, and cat videos.

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